Wichita’s Premiere Indoor Haunted House Attraction

Scary Nun


Throughout your experience within the walls of the 13 Sinister Souls Haunted House, 10+ live actors will watch your every step as you make your way through 10,000 square feet of endless gore that will leave you trembling with fear and screaming in terror.


527 E Harry St, Wichita, KS 67211


2024 Hours TBD


2024 Dates TBD




Since the beginning of humanity, cruelty has always been close behind. The more humans have discovered, cruelty has seemed to manifest. One vessel it decided to take on long ago was an old book, bound in human skin. Over time, the book amassed knowledge that solved the mysteries of life – a mere peek into the book’s contents would cause one to be drained of all sanity and rendered as a shell of their former self. It damages any being who gazes into the pages, despite the promises of self-healing and secrets of eternal happiness.

Yet, as the chapters continue, the more and more disturbing the information becomes. It twists the knowledge it has gathered through the millennia that exposes all of one’s sins when read. The 13th chapter is the breaking point for most, holding inexplicable evil that sucks weak minds into the book. Over many centuries, despite nearly existing in complete dormancy, it has trapped 13 different souls who witnessed the pure evil of the chapters. They were never the same again.

The book was buried at the building during construction many years back, where the 13 Sinister Souls Haunted House now stands. Each year, time passes until the greatest evil known to man is unleashed, when Ozgon, the first soul to ever be trapped by the book, lures someone to open his damned tomb, trapping more vulnerable souls for eternity.

13 Sinister Souls
13 Souls Warning


Only thrill-seekers should enter the never-ending corridors of the 13 Sinister Souls resting place. The gore and intensity of their cynic behavior may be too much for some. You can expect a surprise around every corner.