13 Sinister Souls Haunted House invites you into the home of the 13 souls captured by the book. When you enter their home, expect to feel un-welcomed as the souls are left with nothing but vengeance against those who escaped the horror of the book’s hellish intentions.

With 20 rooms covering 10,000 square feet of absolute horror, those who walk these corridors must navigate their way through the death and torment that awaits them.


meet the souls


The first ever soul trapped in the book, Ozgon has forgotten everything about himself and now lives as a dark entity in the shrouds of aged, yellow pages. Envious of those who didn’t remember him or even try to free him, he lives in hatred of humanity and lures his victims into opening his accursed tomb once every year.

Alvin Muntz

A demented owner of a demolition derby, Alvin would rig the games for only his most prized drivers. But even then, if a driver were to make a mistake during a match, he would quite literally cut them off. Having been lured into the book as one of Ozgon’s evil companions, he stalks manufacturing plants and derbies as a mechanical monstrosity that summons the flickering flames of the underworld.

Mary Mitchell

When a crisis of faith wreaks Nun Mary Mitchell’s feeble mine, she begins to believe that there was nothing else for her. She witnesses death and despair during her time in the book, and emerges as a catalyst who rips salvation from the souls she used to save.

Tom South

Dr. Tom South was a revered neurosurgeon who discovered that performing lobotomies with a little bit of zap can bring those who had passed back to life. Over time, he collected pieces of brains from many of his patients without their knowledge, compiling them all to create an undead brute. Emerging from the book after many years stuck in his damaged mind, he immediately went to find his creation with hopes of modifying it to reach its full potential. You might be the missing piece he needs.

Ellis & Butch Huxley

Many years ago, the Huxley’s had gone with their uncle on a long camping trip, where in the dead of the night, a nuclear meltdown made them fuse into one. In the midst of the destruction, they were also abandoned, left to wander the wilderness where they discovered the book, hoping it would end the pain of their fusion. However, after being tempted by Ozgon who offered to help them find their uncle who had abandoned them to suffer, they were trapped in the book. Ellis and Butch now haunt as a split mind amalgamation, alongside Ozgon in his band of sinister souls.

Caesar Garcia

Although Caesar was an average office worker, he was disgruntled from being stepped on and treated as the lowest of the low, often left inconsiderately by his boss to work late hours. Driven by envy and jealousy while wielding a match, he set fire to the building, trudging through the fire to reach his boss. Cornering his upper rank, he knocked him into the fire and left him for dead. But, he could not escape the flickering flames, and as they consumed him to the bring of his death, the book appeared, and opened to welcome him into the dark embrace of damnation. He haunts as a follower of Ozgon, seeing him as his eternal savior.

Pablo Torres

A petty thief with one haunting blue eye who was exiled out of his small town at the peak of his violent outbursts, Pablo’s courage remained, ultimately leading him to return and stalk a young woman in her prime. He snapped, and passionately murdered the woman. After being run out of town once again and sentenced to execution, he looked to the mysterious book for guidance and safety, becoming yet another entity to be lost in the pages. He emerges with the rest of his companions on Hallows night, searching for the most beautiful of the bunch to capture into the book with him.


A disgruntled old woman whom dwelled in the 1980’s, Grandma Jones was sucked into the book while arguing with one of her grandchildren. She pins the blame on her blonde-haired, blue-eyed grandchildren, and now takes pleasure in “welcoming” those who resemble them, only to torture them for damning her to an endless void of nothingness that left her with vengeful and resentful thoughts.

Sylvester Small

A previously famous butcher known for his cuts of meat and outstanding catches, Sylvester was starved while trapped in the book. When he was finally unleashed by an unknowing individual, he found a discarded body in the lake and began feasting on it without hesitation. Once he realized the tantalizing taste of human flesh, he immediately fell into a deep infatuation with cannibalism. He now uses his skills as a butcher in order to find nice additions to his meat locker.

Sara Wallace

Sara was formerly an archeologist who had been on an exhibition in Egypt when she fell victim to the effects of the book. She was merged with a mummified pharaoh and adopted the philosophy of royalty. She emerges from the book in order to claim a thrown she has been led to believe is hers.

James Hancock

Mr. Hancock was a psychotic and boisterous man who ran a circus in the 1930’s. In order to make his circus successful, he made a deal with Ozgon to deform those who were vulnerable and make them act in his twisted shows. Unfortunately, Hancock cowardly failed to hold up his end of the deal and was trapped in the book by Ozgon for eternity as punishment. Now, just as deformed as the freaks he manipulated, he skips around as a chaotic clown, toying with all whom he encounters in his century-long envy.

Lady Elliot

A towering woman who turned to crime in the 1920’s in the middle of prohibition, Lady Elliot had never thought she would adapt to a gangster lifestyle. While defending herself and her liquor business, she ended up murdering a man, and thus became thrilled with living life on the edge. She lived in sin, thriving on power, never letting those around her close. She bludgeoned, burned, and executed those who got in her way, only allowing her victims to see her sultry figure and hear her haunting laugh. On her deathbed, she was welcomed into the arms of Ozgon, and now resides as one of the most notorious souls to ever live.

Judy Larson

Judy was a young girl who was often bullied for being a little different than her peers, and was on day run off by a group of bullies. She met an unfortunate end when she reached the edge of a cliff, but her wandering spirit discovered the book next to her grave, and she entered. Ozgon offered her revenge, and she gladly accepted, wanting to take back the life she had lost in such a cruel and sudden way.

13 Souls Warning


Only thrill seekers are allowed to enter the never-ending corridors of the 13 Sinister Souls resting place. The gore and intensity of their cynic behavior may be too much for some. You can expect a surprise around every corner.